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Lets take part in the old comparison game. Im likely to demonstrate four pitchers, and you need to pick which the first is the best.
Pitcher A: 8 GS, 48 IP, 57 H, 19 BB, 27 K, 11 HR, 6.43 FIP, 6.56 ERAPitcher B: 8 GS, 50 Jamaal Charles Jersey IP, 53 H, 20 BB, 25 K, 9 HR, 5.86 FIP, 4.86 ERAPitcher C: 8 GS, 55 IP, 51 H, 14 BB, 33 K, 5 HR, 4.10 FIP, 3.07 ERAPitcher D: 9 GS, 67 IP, 53 H, 12 BB, 42 K, 6 HR, 3.69 FIP, 1.76 ERA
I know, I James Winchester Jersey know, its not so hard, right? Pitcher A is terrible. He probably doesnt belong in baseball. Pitcher B is almost as bad, and it is a replacement level pitcher at the best. Pitcher C is a solid middle of the rotation innings eater. Pitcher D is fairly darn Travis Kelce Jersey good, though maybe not as good as his sparkling ERA would suggest.
What have they got in common? All four pitchers are named Bronson Arroyo.
Thats Arroyos 2009 season, broken up into quartiles. His first eight starts of year, he was a complete disaster one of the worst pitchers in baseball. He improved to just being lousy rather than totally miserable in the next eight starts, but at that time, half the season was gone and his FIP stood at Rakeem Nunez-Roches Jersey 6.14. Thats a 98 inning sample of below replacement level performance.
His last 16 starts, though? Hes been the exact opposite. His FIP stands at 3.78 since July 10th, as hes gone back to throwing strikes, mi sing bats, and keeping the ball around the block. His first half couldn't go any worse his second half could not have gone any better.
The obvious question is why? I dont have any idea. Im unsure Arroyo does either. Theres always a post-hoc reason behind stuff like this, but its hardly ever true. The the truth is Joe Montana Jersey that pitchers are remarkably inconsistent. Arroyo was not ever as bad as he pitched within the first half, while hes also not as good as hes pitched in the other half.
If theres a le son to be learned from this, its that pitchers are flaky, and even things that a pitcher can control can vary widely over fractions of the Allen Bailey Jersey season. 100 innings may seem like a lot, but given the extreme variations that pitchers can face, its really not.
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