Investigating The Worst Strike Zone of 2

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Lets talk for a second aboutScott Carroll, a generally unknown right-handed 29-year-old rookie pitcher for the White Sox, even though this isnt really likely to be about Scott Carroll. He doesnt throw all that hard, topping out around 91 mph. He doesntget lots of strikeouts, but healso doesnt limit walks particularlywell, leading to the second-worst K%-BB% in baseball, minimum 80 innings. When hesurvives, its due to a somewhat-decent capability to get grounders. A suming the White Sox are good again, hes probably not going to be many from it, however for a back-end starter on the bad team, you receive by with what you can. Obviously, Carroll exists in the big leagues on the razor-thin margin of error, though hes occasionally able to bursts of brilliance, like going for a one-hit shutout into the seventh Connor Shaw Jersey inning from the Red Sox recently.
With all that working against him,for Carroll to succeed, a lot of things have to go very right. Youll be forgiven if you didnt pay much attention to Saturdays huge Carroll/Yohan Pino matchup between your fourth-place White Sox and last-place Twins, however matter how unimportant a game might seem, theres always something of interest found. Unfortunately for Carroll, what he found was umpireGary Cederstrom having what looked like a verybad day.
A really bad day, actually. Because of the wonderful Baseball Savant, we can look at umpires and find out who called the most supposed strikes (per the PitchF/X zone) as balls. Since the oncoming of 2013, this game ranked pretty highly
Percentage of PitchF/X strikes called Rashaad Reynolds Jersey balls, 2013-14
5.02%, Mike DiMuro, 2013-05-224.78%, Gary Cederstrom, 2014-08-024.71%, Sam Holbrook, 2013-07-144.70%, Dale Scott, 2013-06-164.68%, Dale Scott, 2014-04-06or lowly, depending on your perspective. It had the highest percentage ofmi sed strikes of year, and the second-highest from the latter years. Why?
Heres how Gameday saw Carrolls first four pitches during the day, to Twins leadoff man Danny Santana, and don't forget that green dots mean balls, red dots mean strikes:
<p align="center">
No red dots. All green dots. That is unfortunate. I simply cant see an image like this and never want to investigate it further. But okay, fine, Gameday isnt always perfect. Lets see what really happened here, and make the most of one of the few times that having Ken Harrelsons commentary will probably be an additional benefit. To the GIFs!
Heres the first pitch of the game:
<p align="center">
Harrelson noted Good pitch. Didnt have it, but maybe were already seeing a problem here. Catcher Adrian Nieto, a Rule 5 pick who had been in Single-A for Washington last season, stabs at the ball, among pitch framing or lack thereof in action. (Nieto has begun just 24 games this season, therefore the samples are small, but in the limited data available, hes rated as below-average.)
Pitch two looks basically identical:
<p align="center">
Harrelson: Theres a blueprint Jared Allen Jersey from the first pitch. Ought to be 0-2, and its 2-0.Steve Stone: Well see what Gary Cederstroms strike zone is, because those two were both pretty good pitches, they both had the entire plate, they had it at the knees in the inside corner.
Pitch three:
<p align="center">
Harrelson: Well, it doesnt bode well for any sinkerball pitcher if the umpires not going to provide you with that pitch.Stone: Hes put three of these within the zone, and its 3-0 on Santana.
Higher compared to first two, this looks like the Al Louis-Jean Jersey best pitch of the three, and Nieto didnt stab in internet marketing as much but also, he didnt catch it. Rightly or wrongly, thats kind of a requirement foran umpire calling a strike, no matter where the ball is.
Now at 3-0
<p align="center">
Harrelson: Actually, he had four pitches for the reason that at-bat that caught the plate and hes standing on first base. That one certainly looked good and again was low; unsurprisingly, Cederstroms game seemed to be the best percentage of mi sed low strikes this season, with a lot.
Unfortunately for Carroll, it didnt improve using the following hitter, Brian Dozier:
<p align="center">
The first pitch to Dozier, seemingly inside and in all likelihood the worst among the first seven Carrollthrows, actually gets a strike call:
<p align="center">
Harrelson, right now, is laughing. Thats a strike oh boy. The next one turns up like a low strike on PitchF/X, but looks a bit low on the video, again with little help from Nieto:
<p align="center">
Harrelson, meanwhile, is displeased: I dont understand this. Garys a great umpire. To date, hes thrown six pitches, five of them have experienced the plate. Stone: If youre a sinkerballer, and youre not getting the low strike thats when you are getting the ball up, and thats when you get hurt.
Clearly, that wasnt within the cards during the day; exploring the mi sed bombings of a heat map, these were all low:
<p align="center">
(Thats 13 pitches; five came when the White Sox were batting, therefore it went both ways.) Again, Carroll goes have le s 1-1; again, its a PitchF/X strike; Charles Tillman Jersey again, Nieto really doesnt help his pitcher out.
<p align="center">
Carroll, perhaps certain since he cant throw lower in the zone, has to reach Dozier. Gue s how that exercised:
<p align="center">
Harrelson, though admittedly biased towards the good guys, has become nearly apoplectic. That figures, when youve reached get it up. Must have had Santana struck out, hes on third. Now also man an initial, nobody out. Positive thing that Thurman Munson wasnt behind home plate, he might happen to be thrown out after the first hitter.
The next hitter, Trevor Plouffe, doubled; the following, Josh Willingham, walked, though on le s controversial calls, as Harrelson quizzed Stone, a pitcher for 11 years, what he would do if the umpire wasnt providing you with anything. After the inning, Carroll had thrown 26 pitches and let two Cody Whitehair Jersey runs in, plus additional runs within the second and third innings, against the same Twins team hed held to 1 run over six innings his last time out.
Its not easy to be a big league pitcher, especially one without elite stuff. Its harder once the umpire isnt doing you any favors. Its extremely difficult when your rookie catcher isnt helping, either. Just think about this reminder eleven billion that everything in baseball is interconnected; evensomething as seemingly straight-forward as a pitcher throwing a strike doesnt happen only due to where the pitcher puts the ball.
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