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Rack of Lamb Dijon
Zutaten für 2 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
Rack of lamb; medium
 dijon mustard
 Italian bread crumbs
die Zubereitung:

Have the butcher take off the chine bone-or at the very least score it through so that the chops can be cut. The ends of the chops should be 'Frenched" you can see the bone. Put dijon all over the lamb...coat it well. Pat the bread cumbs on top of the mustard, so that they adhere. Particularly important on the rounded side...the top. Place lamb in a pre-heated over...450 degrees. Roast for about 35 minutes. This will give you a Rare lamb rack...the only way as far as I am concerned. Rest for 10 minutes and serve. Will serve two, or one very hungry person. Recipe was adapted from Finally Michael's (Restaurant) in Framingham, Ma. Enjoy!!!!!

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