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Bokharian Pilaff.
Zutaten für 6 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
10 Chicken livers
3 x ca. 30 gChicken fat
8 x ca. 30 gCoarsely grated carrots; (whatever that means!)
onions chopped
3/4 x ca. 30 gparsley chopped
4 1/2 TasseWater or stock.
10 1/2 x ca. 30 grice
1 1/2 Teelöffelturmeric
2 grossTomatoes diced
 A little garlic or garlic salt added if you wish.
die Zubereitung:

Friends, I am today in a good mood, so I will share another recipe with you. I found it in " Jewish Cooking For Pleasure", that my brother-in-law gave me, after his wife passed away. I did not try it tho, but it seems good to me.

Cooking time: 45 minutes.

Lightly grill the livers in the chicken fat and then dice them. Lightly fry the carrots, onion and parsley. Put all the ingredients except the tomatoes into a heavy covered saucepan and cook without stirring for about 30 minutes. Add the diced tomatoes and heat through. This dish is as colorful as the robes of the Bokharian Jews. (I did not made this up, it is in the book too...Ccccccc)


The turmeric can be omitted. The vegetables, rice and livers cubes can be layerd to form a different pattern.

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