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Martha's Chiles Rellenos
Zutaten für 1 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
 Monterey Jack cheese
 Whole chiles; fresh or cannd
For Every 2 Chiles Allow
1 Esslöffelflour
 Oil-1 1/2" deep in skillet
Ranchero Sauce-See Recipe
die Zubereitung:

Cut the cheese into oblong pieces about an inch wide and 2 inches long, and place inside the peeled chiles. (see note following directions) Beat the eggwhites until stiff. Beat the yolks in a separate bowl, combining with the flour. Lightly fold the yolk mixture into the whites. Drop the peppers into the mixture, one by one. Heat the oil in the skillet to moderately hot, then picking the chiles up with a spoon, place them in the pan, and fry until golden brown on both sides. Serve piping hot, topped with Ranchero Sauce. (recipe to be posted) Note: If you are using fresh chiles, they must be peeled, as the batter will not adhere to the slick skins of the chiles. Do this by charring the chiles either over an open flame or under the broiler. Then steam them in a hot towel, and when they are cool enough to touch, remove the skins. I got this recipe from Martha Campbell, a mexican senorita who had married a friend of ours, and was our neighbor back in the '50s. She was an excellent cook, and gave me many fine recipes. Chile Rellenos are often made with other stuffings than cheese. I have other recipes where they are stuffed with meat, sardines, rice, and a combination of meat and vegetables. Martha often made this same recipe using bell peppers. Actually, any pepper and almost any stuffing can be used, according to your personal tastes. Whatever cheese or other stuffing you choose, they are delicious! -Barb 12/08/91 9:16 Pm

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