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Santa Fe Restaurants
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1. Pranzios - "delicious Italian" 2. Zia Diner - "good salads" 3. Cafe Pasquales - "good for b, l, d - wide range of choices" 4. The Natural Cafe (mentioned twice) - "don't emphasize Ff but very accomodating"

5. The Coyote Cantina - "cheaper than the restaurant, the food is good"

6. The Shed

7. The Santa Cafe

8. The Galisteo News - "great coffee and atmosphere" 9. Cafe Escalera - "run by Deborah Madison who wrote the Greens cookbooks"

With the exception of the Natural Cafe, vlf is dificult in Santa Fe, but lf is not too bad. I was also amazed at the creativity of the local chefs - very unusual, but delicious, combinations. Escalera was a disappointment: the stuffed polenta was stuffed with three cheeses. Two other restaurants not included in the original posts, but which were excellent:

Also: Pauls - a local concierge described it as "one of Santa Fe's best kept secrets" - until it appears in Conde-Nast, which it probably will soon; and,

Inn of the Anasazi

Thanks again for everyone's help.

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