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Chargrilled Whole Sweet Shallots
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Barbecued sweet shallots make a tempting and unusual snack to serve with drinks, or as a vegetable side dish. You can use either wooden or metal skewers, but if you choose the bamboo type, be sure to soak them in water for at least an hour before you put them on the flame to prevent charring.

This method is about the quickest and easiest way of cooking onions there is, because you donÂ’t need to peel, chop or garnish them at all. Simply thread the whole shallots (allow 3-4 per person), complete with their skins, onto a skewer. Chargrill on the barbecue for 15 minutes.

To serve, remove the shallots from their skewers and pull back the skins, but leave them attached at the root. Inexpensive and good for you too!

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