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Doughnuts #3
Zutaten für 24 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
Egg yolks -or
eggs whole
1 Tassesugar
2 EsslöffelSoft shortening
3/4 TasseSour milk
3 1/2 Tasseflour
2 Teelöffelbaking powder
1 Teelöffelsalt
1/4 Teelöffelnutmeg
1/4 Teelöffelcinnamon
die Zubereitung:

Turn onto floured board. Roll dough to about 1/3 inch thick. Let rise 20 minutes. Cut with doughnut cutter. Heat deep fryer to 380 degrees. Oil will cool as foods are dropped in. Keep oil at 370 degrees at all times. If grease is too hot or too cold, food will not turn out. Drop doughnuts in oil (as many as can easily be turned). Turn as they rise to surface and show color. Fry about 2 or 3 minutes completely brown on both sides. Lift with fork and place on absorbent paper. Cool and sprinkle with sugar.

From the 'REcipeinternet: Recipes from Around the World' recipe list.

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