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Vietnamese Noodles and Vegetables
Zutaten für 4 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
Head green leaf lettuce
Green onion (scallion)
 cilantro fresh
 Carrot pickles (recipe to follow)
 Bean sprouts optional
 Hoisin sauce
 Meat (use chicken or shrimp; but any kind of meat will do; especially pork)
 Rice vermicelli or dry somen noodles
die Zubereitung:

I have been subscribing to this mailing list for a while and I have a few recipes I want to share. I have been watching my fat intake and in the interest of keeping flavor in food, I have come up with some easy recipes (for one or more) that are very healthy.

Use one bowl per person.

Tear up lettuce and fill the bowl about 2/3 with the lettuce. Julienne the cucumber and put a small handful of cucumber on top of the lettuce. Cut up the green onion and cilantro (leaves only) and sprinkle on top to taste. Cook the noodles as directed on the package. Drain and put on top of the raw vegetables.

Regarding the meat. If I use chicken I cook it in some water and a tablespoon of hoisin sauce. I cook until just done so that it is tender. If you are not trying to stay as low fat as possible, you could cook it in a little oil.

If I am using shrimp, I steam the shrimp, and peel them.

Place the meat on top of the noodles. If the meat is shrimp, I add a tablespoon of hoisin sauce now, if chicken, I just put it on top.

Put a serving of carrot pickles on top. Serve like this. (Very colorful)

Each diner can stir up his/her own bowl. I mix well to blend the flavors. Some people may want to keep the foods a little separated. One reason I like this dish so much is that it is a nice blend of cool crispy foods and warm hearty foods.

I purposely left many of the measurements out so that you can experiment and add more of what you like, and use less of what you don't.

I used tofu once instead of meat, and I didn't really like it, but if you like tofu, try it and let me know what you think.

Beth Goodman, Maryland, Usa

From the 'REcipeinternet: Recipes from Around the World' recipe list.

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