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Danish pastry (sweet doughnuts)
Zutaten für 100 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
11 x ca. 450 g---
4 x ca. 450 gButter Print Sure
3 3/4 x ca. 30 gYeast Baker 2 Lb
die Zubereitung:

Pan; 18 By 26 Inch Sheet Pan Temperature 400F.Oven

1. Prepare Dough According To Instructions On Container.

2. Soften Butter Or Margarine Until Pliable.

3. Roll Each Piece Of Dough Into A Rectangle About 1/2 Inch Thick. Spread 2 Lb Butter Or Margarine Over 2/3 Of Each Piece. Fold The 1/3 Without Butter Or Margarine Over The Center 1/3. Fold The Remaining 1/3 Over The Other Two Layers. Press Edges Together.

4. Place Folded Dough On Lightly Floured Pans; Grease Tops; Cover; Chill

1/2 Hour.

5. Brush Off Excess Flour; Repeat Rolling And Folding Process 3 More Times Without Any Additional Butter Or Margarine. Chill Dough 1/2 Hour Between Each Rolling.

6. Make Up: See Guide For Sweet Dough Make-Up (Recipe Card D-G-7. For Various Styles. Place Rolls On Greased Pans In Rows 4 By 6; Brush With Egg Wash (Recipe No.D055).

7. Proof: In Warm Moist Place (90 F To 100 F) Until Double In Size.

8. Bake: 15 To 20 Minutes Or Until Done.

9. Cool: Glaze, If Desired, With Vanilla Glaze Or Variations ( See Recipe No. D046 ).

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