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Chicken Bokchoy Dolma
Zutaten für 1 Portionen Menge anpassen
die Zutaten:
150 GrammChicken; (or turkey) breast
40 GrammBrie cheese
Bokchoy leaves; (up to 4)
10 Green olives; (filled with red bell pepper)
 Pepper; salt
die Zubereitung:

We started to experiment with bokchoy (nappa cabbage, a form of Chinese cabbage, in Dutch paksoi) recently, and we have found it quite a versatile vegetable, One interesting use is as covering leave in dishes of the dolma type (a leaf-covered stuffing). Generally, it is easier to handle for this purpose than either wine leaves or cabbage.

1.Cut away the coarsest central white part from the bottom of the bokchoy leaves. Cover the leaves with cotton cloth and microwave them at high for 1 minute per

100 grams.

2.Pur?e chicken breast, egg and cheese, together with oregano, pepper and salt in a food processor until you have a smooth paste.

3.Place 1-2 parboiled bokchoy leaves on a carving board. Form the chicken paste into a loaf-like sausage and place this on top of the bokchoy leaf/leaves. Press the olives into the "sausage". Roll the leaf/leaves around the "sausage" to form a dolma.

4.Place another 1-2 parboiled bokchoy leaves on the carving board, put the dolma on top of the leaf/leaves and roll it/them around the dolma.

5.Firmly roll a cotton cloth around the dolma to ensure that it will keep it's shape during the cooking.

6.Microwave at Low for 10 minutes. Leave to cool.

The chicken paksoi dolma is best served cool, cut in thin slices, as a starter together with more olives and some colourful vegetables. The above quantity is sufficient for two persons. You can double the recipe and still make only one dolma, but if you go beyond that it is better to make several dolmas. An alternative to the use of cotton cloth in step 5 is to use leek. Cook a long leek at high for 1 minute per 80 grams, then cut it into thin long strips. Wrap these strips around the "dolma sausage" to ensure that the cover bokchoy leaves do not unwrap.

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